Digging Into the Future: Armenia

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Digging Into the Future: Armenia is the pilot screener of a new archeology series from the Emmy-award winning producers of Joseph Rosendo’s Travelscope. Armenia is older than Christianity and within its ancient borders lies Mt. Ararat, the final resting place of Noah’s ark, and although now lost to Turkey, the 16,000-foot mountain still stands as a symbol of Armenian persistence. The Armenian survival has been forged in the furnaces of war and genocide and their centuries of struggle is an integral part of their national identity, as is their language, religion and cultural heritage. Host Joseph Rosendo criss-crosses Armenia to ancient sites which offer insights into how the Armenians of the distant and near past lived. From roadside fruit stands to riverside wine stalls and bustling markets, Joseph is welcomed into homes to witness traditional artisans and join in religious and communal celebrations that inspire, enlighten and reveal the Armenian heart and soul.